Our FAQ's  -  Frequently Asked Questions clients have about Residency Process, Costs, Time Frames, Required Documents and more!

What is a tourist?  A person who travels to other countries for pleasure and returns back home. Tourists are not allowed to work in Honduras. Businesses who hire tourists and tourist themselves are fined or deported if found working illegally.


What is a Honduran Entry Visa?  It is a stamp on your passport put by an Immigration Officer upon entering the country as a tourist. Depending on your nationality you will be allowed to remain in the country for up to 90 days. If you decide to extend your stay, you may request a one-time extension to your entry visa for an additional 30 days for $20. Extensions are granted if you have the appropriate documents to justify your stay.


After this time, if you do not have residency you must exit the country. If you do not exit the country or have the process started by this time, you will be fined.

Where do I get visa extensions? Visa extensions are obtained at the Honduran Immigration Offices which are located across the country:

La Ceiba: UniPlaza, Second Floor

Tegucigalpa: Colonia el Prado, old Ceutec Building

San Pedro Sula: Barrio el Centro

Roatan: Plaza Mar 2nd Floor, Coxen Hole. (Only Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am -5pm)


Take copy of the first page of your passport, copy of the page with last entry visa, original passport, documents that justify your request and print out  & pay in advance the receipts here

My entry visa expired a long time ago. What do I do? You can decide to  pay the fine exactly 5 days prior to your departure, exit the country,  and reenter as a tourist or start your Residency process!


Once process is started, fine is significantly reduced. You are no longer required to exit the country and will have the peace of mind that you are legally protected to remain in the country.

How much are fines for expired Honduran Entry Visas, if I am not a Resident? 

<1 Month - L. 4,179.92

1 - L. 5,015.90

2 - L. 5,851.88

3 - L. 6,687.86

4 - L. 7,523.84

5 - L. 8,359.82

6 - L. 9,195.80

7 - L. 10,031.78

8 - L. 10,867.76

9 - L. 11,703.74

10 - L. 12,539.72

11- L. 13,375.70

1 Year - L. 14,211.68

2 Years - L. 24,243.44

3 Years - L. 34,275.20

What is a Residency?  A special authorization from the Honduran Government obtained by Residency Honduras to remain and live in the country, formed by 3 documents: Residency Resolution, Residency Registration and Residency ID Card. Residencies must be filed by a Lawyer who is registered with the Honduran Bar Association. I divide residencies into 3 types:  Permanent Residency, Special Permit to remain in the country for up to 5 years and Immigrant Status. There are many subcategories, we help you choose the one that fits your needs.


Do I need a Residency? If you plan to work, study, or live in Honduras, then you do need a residency.

What Type of Residency do I need and what are the requirements?  Start Now!


Residency costs? Prices given include ALL Attorney Fees, Expenses and Government Fees for a Residency. Costs vary according to your situation; a family of 4 will spend more than a single person applying for residency.  Pro Bono Cases are taken as a way to help out the community.

What is the time frame on a residency? Residencies usually take between 3-6 months, some times faster! We work by submitting complete applications, in order to ensure an expedite process.

What are the requirements for foreign documents? For foreign documents to be valid in Honduras they must be legalized: (a) through the nearest Honduran Consulate ,or (b) with an Apostille.


We provide translation services for documents in English, documents in any another language must be translated to Spanish by a Certified Translator.  

What are the fine for Residents? 

1 day - 6 months: L. 4,179.92

6months, 1 day - 2 years: L. 8,359.84

2 years, 1 day - 3 years: L. 12,539.76

3 years, 1 day - 4 years: L. 16,179.68

4 years, 1 day - 5 years: L.20,899.60

5 years, 1 day+: L.25,079.52

Why use Residency Honduras? The Quick Start Guide is designed to offer personalized attention from a fully bilingual & responsible attorney with many years of experience who works with you to make the process simple, quick and easy!

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