created by an Attorney at Law to help clients obtain a legal Residency in Honduras. If you are thinking to Invest, Retire, Work, Start a Business, Move or Relocate  to Roatan, Bay Islands or any other part of Honduras, this is the place to start.

How it started...

Many have shared with me their stories about their journey in obtaining a Residency. How they found themselves searching all over the internet on blogs, forums, groups about: "How to obtain Residency in Honduras?" "What documents do I need to bring?"  "What type of Residency is best for me?" "What lawyer is recommended?" "Where do I start?"...among so many others. Relocating can be a difficult task, this web page was created as a tool for all to use to get accurate information about the process.

Residency Honduras...

Residency Honduras has been created by an Attorney-at-Law who specializes in this area as a Quick Start Guide to ensure you meet all the legal requirements for Residency, offering you correct and concise information with the guidance of 8 years of experience. All in one place!

A Residency is the gateway that will give you the freedom and flexibility to live, work, & invest in Honduras. Whether you are retired or an entrepreneur, a Residency is the first step to achieve all your goals.  Our end product Happy Residents!

​How it Works...

Complete the Online Form..... oh no a form!.... nevertheless, it is important to evaluate the best residency option for you. What I have discovered throughout my practice is that every client is unique, and the best way for me to guide them is by getting to know them.  Within the same form you can make an Appointment and get to know me personally. Those in Roatan can meet me in person, and those planning ahead before they relocate can have a video conference call. You will receive a personalized evaluation and answers to all your questions.

Keep Coming Back ...

Check out the FAQ & Testimonial Sections, they will be regularly updated with important information.  We value your opinion! Send your comments to or use the Contact Form.

 A little about Honduras...

If you are looking at this page you have probably already made the big decision to relocate. In case you still have doubt. Honduras is located in the heart of Central America with 4 International Airports; you will find it's just a plane ride away, with direct flights from many major US Cities.  Enjoy our beautiful Caribbean Islands (Roatan, Utila & Guanaja), discover a diver’s paradise in the second largest coral barrier reef in the world or take a trip to explore the legendary Mayan Culture of the Copan Ruins. Simply fall in love with the quality of life, beautiful beaches, low cost of living, investment opportunities, friendly people, climate & culture.

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